While my daily driver is a 2000 GTX, I am also into the older Ponchos. My current '65 is the latest of 4 GTOs that I've owned, but this one is being done right.
I found this one through my uncle back in Illinois. An acquaintance of his had owned the car for several years, but needed to buy a house, so on the blocks it went. I remembered seeing the car years before, 12-bolt, 4-wheel discs, and the (weak) 2bbl 350 under the hood. The fenders and hood were pretty straight, but the rest of it needed help, but the price was right and I bought it.
I had another uncle (that I bought my last '65 GTO from) who gave me a complete, disassembled 455. So I threw it in the trunk (and back seat, and front floor) and headed down to Springfield, IL for the '94 Pontiac-Oakland Club, International (POCI) Nationals. I only put it in the display class since I had an engine in the trunk. After the show, I drove it back to Utah, where I was stationed at the time. Oh yes, it had a 4.10:1 rear and would overheat at anything above 53 mph. NEVER AGAIN!
I took several years and two moves to gather parts and decide what I really wanted to do. So last year I decided to sell my '70 GTO so that I could afford to do this one. I owned that one for 11 years so it wasn't easy.

Since I take things apart better than I put them together, I decided to let a professional do the job. Good thing too, since it was a true rust-belt car needing floors, trunk, quarter panels, and lots of other patches. So far, Reflections, here in Cabot, has done it right, with a total frame-off approach.
The car will not be stock, especially since it came with none of the original running gear. That's okay though, since it was a 4bbl automatic car. Now it will have an Edelbrock-headed 455, Richmond 6-spd, & hwy-friendly 2.73 12-bolt rear. I know it isn't good for the strip, but it should be good on the road, where it will spend a lot of time. Other specs include 4-wheel discs, tubular A-arms, T/A spindles, big sway bar, fast ratio steering box, C-clip eliminators, forged pistons & rods, and aluminum radiator to name the big stuff. I'm looking for a driver, so the cam isn't radical. That's it so far. I'll keep everyone up to date on progress. Hopefully, it'll be ready by summer!