Build An Oil Priming Tool

By Chris Ritter - Arkansas Pontiac Association

Anyone who has fired up a brand new motor can tell you about the need to prime the oil system prior to start up. This is easier said than done. You can buy a tool to do the initial priming using a heavy duty drill. The problem is that most of these are generic in nature and wonít stay seated as the drill spins. An old hot rodderís trick is to convert an junk distributor for the purpose. Since I tend to have my motor broken more than most I decided it was time to make this chore less of a hassle and built myself a priming tool. Follow along as we step through how to build one.

1 - Our victim, an old points distributor from the junk pile.

2 - Strip off all the weights, springs and other removable parts from the housing.

3 - Find an appropriate sized punch to drive the retaining pin from the gear. Retain these for later.

4 - Remove the shaft. It make take a few taps on the base with a hammer if it sticks.

5 - Slide the weight and spring assembly off the shaft and discard it.

6 - Itís SawzAll Time! Break out the hacksaw and cut the shaft below the spring retaining head.

7 - Keep that saw handy. Now we need to slice the top off the distributor housing.

8 - Grab a file and dress the cuts you just made on the housing and shaft.

9 - Slide the gear and pin we saved back on the shaft. Line up the pin with the hole in the shaft and tap it back into place with a hammer.

10 - Now slide the shaft back into the housling. Head to the bench grinder and grind all the teeth off the gear

11 - And hereís the finished tool. Drop the housing in the distributor hole and your 1/2 inch drill will chuck up on the shaft end!