Adapting a 1974 Camaro throttle cable to a 1974 Trans Am

By Chris Ritter - Arkansas Pontiac Association

On a recent drive I noticed a "pop" in my accelerator pedal. Investigation showed that the problem was in the throttle cable. The ears on the clip that hold the cable to the firewall had broken down and were no longer securing the cable. The resulting give under pressure made for an unsure feel when pressing down on the gas pedal.

Imagine my surprise when I went shopping for a replacement. It seems the proper cable for a 1974 Trans Am are no longer available. After talking to several parts vendors I found one who suggested a 1974 Camaro cable. I went to the store and compared. While not an exact replacement it was close enough to use with some minor modifications. The following lays out the path I took to get it to work.


Pioneer products part number CA-8484

(Good news. This part is made in the US and is very good quality. Thank goodness!)

1 - Here's a side by side shot of the cables. As you can see, they are the same length.

2 - The most obvious difference is in the carbuertor end of the cable. The TA cable uses a ball and socket design, the Camaro the pin in hole design.

3 - The first and hardest step was to fabricate a pin. I cut the threads off of a 1/4 inch shoulder bolt and turned down the end with a Dremel tool sanding roll so it would fit through the hole at the end of the cable.Then I used a cut off disc in the Dremel to cut a groove for the E clip to hold it in place. The washers help space the cable off the carbuertor linkage and keep thing working smoothly. No science here. I simply test fitted as I went. Fabrication is FUN! NOTE-It has been suggested that drilling a hole through the pin and using a cotter key would be less likely to come loose and would be easier to keep up with when changing carbs.UPDATE: Holley replacement parts offers two stud kits. It appears the Camaro cable end requires the 7/32" kit.

4 - This shot shows how it bolts up to the Quadrajet. I have my Demon carbuertor on the car so I shot this on the bench.

5 - And before anyone asks, here it is attached to the Demon.

6 - What about the other end? Well, the Camaro version has some plastic ribs (arrows) that cause it to be substantially wider than the original.

7 - Here's a shot of the original. Guess what? Cut those ribs off with a Dremel cut off wheel and it measures the same, .500.

no ribs

That was it. After those simple modifications it installed and behaved like the original. I checked the pin on both carbuertor and it was a great fit on both. Yours might be different but that's the fun of playing with old cars, isn't it?