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Welcome to the home of Arkansas's premier Pontiac GMC car club. Our objective is simple. We offer Pontiac and GMC enthusiasts a family environment in which they can enjoy their automobiles and each other. We welcome any past, current or future owner of Pontiac or GMC to join us.

You probably noticed something different around here. The Arkansas Pontiac Association has changed it's name and focus. We have expanded our role to include GMC. This was done simply because we desire to expand our ability to include more people in our great hobby! So if you own a GMC and have been waiting on an invitation to join our merry band, here it is and welcome!


Dad's Old Car Ain't What It Used To Be cruise in for the veterans at Fort Roots Veteran's Hospital in North Little Rock drew 140 cars this year. The fantastic weather made for a great afternoon of visiting and showing off cars. The veterans came out in droves, not letting wheelchairs or even being bed ridden stop them. So many nurses helped make sure they had a great day looking at the cars. Hats off to all the volunteers who make this such a special and fun event every year. Click the picture above for the full gallery.

Pontiac Southern Nationals
A few APA members made the trek to Dallas for the annual Pontiac Southern Nationals car show at the Cavanaugh Flight Museum. This year the trip was uneventful because mother nature didn't try to flood us out. Our thanks to the Dallas Area Pontiac Association for hosting another great show. Click the picture above for the full gallery.

Wheelin' and Healin'
What's better than a car show with nearly 200 great looking rides? One that also gets 10 of our furry canine friends new homes and raises several thousand dollars to benifit the Jacksonville Friends of the Animals, that's what! Yep, I'm talking about the APA/Goodsell Truck Accessories Wheelin' and Healin' car show. There were 146 cars registered for judging and another 42 who signed in for display only. Thousands of spectators walked the show field and ogeled the beautiful selection of vehicles. We wish we had a trophy for everyone who attended because in our eyes you're all winners. Thank you to all our sponsors, members and especially to Mark Goodsell who worked tirelessly to promote the show and grow it into the spectacle it has become. Click the photo above for a gallery of about 175 photos we took during the show.

Cabot 2019

The Cabot High Cruzers hosted their 10th annual car show and we were there. What started as a small show from the high school car club that was founded by APA's own Eric Ray, has grown to the point that nearly 150 cars were registered to be judged. That's something to be awfully proud of. As usual, we took a few photos to share with you. pardon our leaning towards the Pontiacs but you know, that's what we do here. Enjoy the photos.

Pontiac Cruise
When member Chris Lube saw that the Northwest Arkansas Pontiac club was headed for the Cliff House Cafe on a cruise we couldn't resist meeting them there. Any reason for taking a cruise on scenic Arkansas highway 7 is reason enough for us to fire up the hot rods and make a run. Click on the image above for pictures from our fun day.


One weekend and 400 miles later we've done another fun Poncho Power Tour. Things started out shaky with a broken brake line and an alternator belt that rolled but we perservered. Saturday found us having lunch in historic Wilson, Arkansas and touring the Dyess Colony and Johnny Cash boyhood home. Sunday started with yet another 180 degree turn after we blew past the world famous George Ray Drag Strip in Paragould. Then we meandered up to Old Davidsonville state park, cut west across the top of the state and landed in Heber Springs for the traditional ice cream stop before splitting up and heading for home. It was lots of fun and great people. I can't wait for next year. Pictures are as always.