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Welcome to the home of Arkansas's premier Pontiac car club. Our objective is simple. We offer Pontiac car enthusiasts a family environment in which they can enjoy their automobiles and each other. We welcome any past, current or future owner of Pontiac automobiles to join us.

Wheelin' and Healin'
It was another successful show for the Arkansas Pontiac Association. We hosted 85 participants, no to mention about 20 club cars on the grounds. We want to thank every one of you who attended and helped us raise the cash for our charity, the Clinical Nutrition department of Arkansas Children's Hospital. Without you we can't do it. And we thank all our sponsors, listed at the top of this page. Another thanks to all the club members who donate their time and work to make this a great show. Now, back to the cars! Click on the photo above for more pictures.


It was a great night with great weather so we joined CAMS for their monthly cruise in at the Maumelle Sonic. There were lots of great looking cars and friendly folks there. Take a look at a few of the cars by clicking on the picture above for a gallery.


We are back from the Mother Road. Poncho Power Tour 2014 had 2 great days before the club members sprinted for home on the third in the face of the oncoming storms. We managd to get through 4 states in our quest to drive a section of Route 66. Along the way we saw some cool stuff and made some great new friends. Ramona, Al, Peggy, Angie and George are great people and welcome to cruise with us again any time. For those that missed it, we took some pictures. Click on the one up above to go to the gallery.

CAMS cruise

There was a very nice turn out for the April Sonic cruis in in Maumelle sponsored by our good friends at CAMs car club. A few of the APA members came out in their Poncho iron and it was great to visit with them. I only got a few photos but enjoy what I did get.

APA cruise

Sunday was a GREAT day for a drive so a bunch of APA members met up and took a cruise. Brian and Mary Ann Ray get all the thanks for organising this run. It was a great drive and finished with a meal at Market Place restaurant in Conway. Take a look at our pictures and enjoy the virtual ride. Just click on the picture above

Final Cruisin' In The Rock

As the song says, turn out the lights, the party is over. We held our last Cruisin' In The Rock, Friday, October 18. Carol Dolan (Hot Rod Momma) and the Arkansas Pontiac Association are retiring. It was a great run with over a dozen years of cruise ins in the fantastic River Market in downtown Little Rock. A major shout out to the Little Rock Convention and Visitors Bureau for sponsoring the event all these years. Without their support we could never have done it. I personally would like to thank all those APA members who have done the work at all these cruise ins. Sure, it takes money and organization to do these things but without people willing to volunteer their time to work the events you have nothing.

We will see all our many car friends at some of the other events in the central Arkansas as we move forward. There are so many great clubs and all of them are putting on shows, cruise ins, cruises and more. The APA is moving to a more relaxed pace as a car club and intend to participate at your club event in the future.

2013 APA show
Wow. Just wow. We registered 103 cars today. Considering how we've been wiped out by rain for 3 years in a row I figured we would have, maybe, 50 cars. I can't say enough about the loyalty of those who come to our show and I can't thank you enough for your support. A special thanks to the former PT Cruiser Club that shut down and gave us the balance of their club treasury for our charity, Arkansas Children's Hospital Clinical Nutrition department. I'll sure miss that club. Talk about a fun group at a car show, they were it. But we have plenty of other clubs who showed up today to support us and we want you to know we value every one of you. I'll put up pictures once I get them but that may take a couple of days. For now, thanks again to our supporters and our sponsors for another great show.

2013 Military show

APA members Chris Ritter and Wayne Major dropped in on the display of military vehicles on Saturday, July 13. The show took place on the grounds of the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History in Little Rock. The star of the show was a Dodge touring car used by General Pershing when he unsuccessfully pursued Poncho Villa in Mexico. There were Jeeps and trucks from WWII through the Iraq war on the grounds. You may have missed this show but admission to the museum is always free and a great place to learn about Arkansas's military history. Click on the picture above for additional photos.

2013 CAMS Ft. Roots cruise

APA members were all over the place on Saturday, June 8. Some were making their way home after long hauling on Hot Rod Power Tour. Others attended a show at the Air Force base in Jacksonville and a whole bunch showed up at the CAMS car club sponsored Ft. Roots Veterans Hospital cruise in. Partly because we held a short meeting while we were there. Thanks to Brian Ray we have these photos to share from that cruise in. As always, the veterans loved it and so did the members that attended. A special thanks to CAMS for doing this. Click on the picture above for additional photos.